Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's in a name?

So what's in a name? The full quote of course is: "What's in a name. That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

On September 28, the Office of the National Coordinator awarded the New Hampshire Regional Extension Center to the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative. Is it odd that an organization with Massachusetts in our name is running the New Hampshire Regional Extension Center? I suppose so, on the face of it, but the reality is that we provide professional services in many states outside of Massachusetts. For example, we're already doing work with the regional extension centers in New York and Rhode Island, as well as Massachusetts. And we're currently working on a project with New Hampshire stakeholders on their Health Information Exchange Strategic and Operational Plan.

All companies have to be based somewhere, and we happen to based in Massachusetts. Granted, most companies don't have their home state in their name. That is a reflection of our non-profit, collaborative roots. We were founded in 2004 by 34 non-profit Massachusetts-based health care organizations. Our mission then and now is to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and affordability of care through effective adoption of health information technology. Since our founding we've developed a national reputation for being operationally effective, mission-oriented, and consensus-driven.

We have the name collaborative because we work as partners -- we share what we've learned, and we look to learn more things that we can share. We try to develop deep ties with each new engagement, and we could not have gotten this federal award without the endorsement and backing of the State of New Hampshire -- we're grateful for the confidence they've shown in us.

My father is a family physician and surgeon who has practiced his entire career from his office in Pelham, New Hampshire. We're based in the Massachusetts Medical Society, which reflects our strong affiliation with clinicians -- we have deep ties to the physician community and we make it our business to understand the needs of physician practices.

We feel genuinely privileged to have the opportunity to help the clinicians of New Hampshire achieve their meaningful use objectives, and we look forward to deepening the ties that we already have with health care stakeholders across the Granite State. If you're a priority primary care provider in New Hampshire, we're going to be looking for you!

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