Friday, May 15, 2009

Guy with a good voice......and A LOT of time on his hands

For those who haven't seen it, Ross Martin's video "An Interoperetta in in Three Acts" is amusing (see below). Though I've got to say, if I had that kind of musical talent, I definitely would not be singing about health IT.....


Ross said...

Thanks for posting this, Micky. I was looking for your (excellent) testimony at NCVHS and Google sent me here. Imagine my surprise...

As for having way to much time, on the contrary, I have way too little time (or as much time as everyone else, which never seems like enough). This was an occasional late nights and weekends labor of love over a three month period, though I'd been mulling the concept for about two years (back then it was about AHIC, of course).

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to you and others who have been spreading it around, it's received over 5000 views in less than a week. No plans to quit my day job anytime soon - haven't been able to find much of a market for medical informatimusicology yet. I seem to find myself painfully ahead of the curve once again (or lost in my own little world).

Yours in the evil plan to transform healthcare [insert maniacal laugh here],


Written by Micky Tripathi said...

Hi Ross

You're a star.

I just watched it again with my wife and kids and even though they have little interest in HITSP, CCHIT, or ONC, they were quite impressed and thoroughly amused.

For your next act [drum roll] aria on regional health IT extension centers?



Carla said...

Hi Ross
The whole act make me laugh n in a same way i learned few things very innovative