Friday, May 15, 2009

Guy with a good voice......and A LOT of time on his hands

For those who haven't seen it, Ross Martin's video "An Interoperetta in in Three Acts" is amusing (see below). Though I've got to say, if I had that kind of musical talent, I definitely would not be singing about health IT.....

Saturday, May 09, 2009

NCVHS Meaningful Use

Thanks to John Halamka for featuring my NCVHS testimony on his blog! For those who aren't tracking this closely, all of the testimony is now posted on the NCVHS website. The transcript of the first day's testimony is also posted, which is long but a little easier to follow and also includes Q&A from the panel. There's a wide array of perspectives here, and who knows how it's going to be used to shape the definition of "meaningful use". As I describe in my testimony, I don't think there are as many degrees of freedom here than we might think, because there's not enough money or infrastructure to support a very high bar on meaningful use. I hope I'm wrong.