Tuesday, August 21, 2007

HHS Secretary Launches Blog

For those who haven't seen it, HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt has launched a blog. Only three entries so far. The really interesting parts are his running descriptions of what he does every day. Less interesting, the rest of the entries so far read like speeches and policy pronouncements.

I don't know if any other Cabinet secretaries have blogs (I doubt it -- imagine what Donald Rumsfeld's would have been like). It's hard for a political appointee to reveal what they're really thinking, and I wonder how much will be ghost-written, what type of editing it'll go through with his own press team, and what type of pre-posting screening the White House staff will impose on it. Remember what happened to Dr. Richard Carmona, the former Surgeon General (see "Ex-Surgeon General Says White House Hushed Him").

Nevertheless, I think it's a laudable effort. Best of luck Mr. Secretary!

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