Monday, December 11, 2006

All in a day's work

I recently visited two of the practices that we’ve outfitted with electronic health records.

The first was a surgery practice whose head physician “greeted” me with a limp handshake and an icy stare and said: “So, you’re the CEO of the MA eHealth Collaborative? Well, that’s not anything to be very proud of, is it?” And before I could say a word, he turned and walked away. His office manager was mortified.

MAeHC has invested about $120,000 in this practice.

At the next practice, I walked in and standing there behind the front desk was a physician in a white coat, talking with the receptionist. “Are you Micky?” he asked. Still smarting from my first visit, I nodded, but hesitantly. He whipped around the front desk, arms stretched as wide as his grin, and hugged me. Yes, hugged me. “Thank you,” he said.

We’ve invested about $30,000 in this practice. Go figure………


dave said...

Come on. You know that no good deed goes unpunished.

Micky Tripathi said...

OK, you're right. The balance of the universe plays out even at ground-level!


Steve said...

It's great that all our efforts are doing wonders to break down established stereotypes based on physician specialty.

linda mcmanama said...

Hmmmm. Seems to me I've met that surgeon-he's the one flipping through his loose-leaf notebook trying to locate the conversation he had with our family PCP when I handed him a copy of my daughter's personal health record maintained by the PCP office.
Keep up the good work-it's slow, painful and expensive, but widespread implementation of EHRs and other data sharing will improve communication and more importantly medical outcomes.